Frequent Questions

where is possible to find your wines?

Send us an email to our address info@oddovini.com or call 3298614447. You will receive all the informations about the purchase.

How many kinds of wines do you produce?

Attualmente produciamo solo 2 tipologie di vino: Merlot e Vermentino.

Where is your company?

We are in TRAPANI, our address is, Via delle Amazzoni 40/42

Do you sell your products on line?

Certo! Basta collegarsi al nostro sito www.oddovini.com e visitare il nostro shop. Possibilità di pagamento con bonifico bancario, carte di credito o Paypal.

Is it possible to request large supplies?

Of course, contact us by email or by phone to organize any kind of supplies.